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Curious to hear from you all what tire dressing you all use? I currently got the Chemical Guys VRP and have used it on my new 2019 Alpine White 330i M-Sport.

Problem is, like every other tire dressing I've used, it 'slings' onto the body once you drive off.... Not only is that the problem but if you leave it there long enough, it stains the paint slightly with a small yellowish spot wherever it slings. The yellowish stain cannot come off.

Upset I got a few of them on my rear quarter panel, its unnoticable to most, but obviously you notice every small thing on your own car.

It says this tire dressing doesn't sling but, it does. It's even water based. What do you all use?
I use chemical guys but I let it dry before I drive so there is no sling
I let it dry overnight as well, but still caused sling... maybe because I did 2-3 coats to get that wet black look?