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Most BMW buyers don't know what they buy, in today's society the badge on a front of a car is what a good portion of people care about hence why cars like the CLA exist (there's also examples of it on this forum with how some of the members here view the Genesis G70 with no actual experience behind the wheel, they just see it as "HyundaiJunk").

It's a real conversation I've had with multiple BMW owners. Here's one of the few. When I was at the dealer looking at the M340i, someone came up to me and asked how much I paid for my CLS, he said it looks really good and expensive and that it would impress a bunch of people and even quote on quote "get bitches". While accepting the compliments I asked what he drove. He said a 740iL, to which I said thats a nice car. He told me, he doesn't like it simply because the S class looks more expensive and would look more impressive to his friends. I asked, well don't you like parts of your car, like the nice engine, the Inline 6 is really smooth and has a good amount of power. He then asked me what an inline 6 was. He said he just assumed he had some type of V8 under the hood because of the "40i" badge, and didn't even know that the "L" in the badging referred to long-wheelbase. This is one of many similar conversations, from people thinking their 335i has a 3.5L V6, to people not even knowing their cars have turbos in them, or people thinking that German cars are the most reliable.

These people couldn't care less about sports cars nor care about what engine their car actually has, in today's world, having the kidney grills, 4 rings, or 3 pointed star on the front of your car, is something to aspire to, and have to feel/look more impressive. Its like the people who buy 5 year old S-Classes with a shit ton of problems to look cool when instead they could just buy a new and reliable accord. The accord is the better car, but not the more impressive looking and cooler car.
When I was doing the paperwork for my M340i, I was chatting it up with the sales manager, and we began to get candid on a few topics... one thing he revealed to me is the majority of the BMW lessee's he writes up do not have good credit and can barely afford their purchase. Occasionally an old man will come along and pay cash for a loaded 7 series, but most folks are just trying to get their hands on that badge. Food for thought.