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Originally Posted by bobloblaw View Post
Dravit Grey makes sense. That kind of primer shade of grey has been the hot color since the mid 2010s. Seen tons of them on everything from Hondas to Porsches.

Portimao... meh. It's nice, but on the standard G20 and San Marino would have been awesome.

Tanzanite... meh. I wish there was a more special blue available.

Isle of Man Green - Interested to see this one. I bet it's a deep metallic green. That color is very popular right now in fashion and interior design. And I'm pretty sure the upcoming iPhone to be unveiled this week will have this color as an option.

Sao Paolo Yellow - If I were a betting man, I'd say it's close to Austin Yellow. At least I hope so. It's probably my favorite color BMW has introduced recently even though I'm usually not a big fan of yellow cars. It has a kind of concept car color look to it. I don't think a Dakar-esque yellow would really fit on a car as big as the G8x as a standard color.

Toronto Red - Too orangey for me. Why BMW doesn't want to make a normal red M car is beyond me. Imola is awesome...

Also curious to see what shade of blue they use for a two-tone seats. Maybe similar to the Lemans seats on the E39 M5?
Comments on red are spot on. Immola desperately needs to return.
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