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Originally Posted by Wmzorba09 View Post
This probably largely depends on where you live. I am 39, have excellent credit and can afford to lay down cash on a purchase but that would be a terrible investment. I'd rather keep my cash in a brokerage or interest bearing account. I lease and I put 0 down.
That closely sums up my position also. And that's what started the whole conversation with the sales manager in the first place. Apparently my FICO is higher than what he usually sees and I could tell he was surprised... so I said, "Is is strange to see a score that high?" and this is when he started telling me about the average person who leases a car from his dealership. He tells me how poor to middling credit scores will get you hosed on a lease... gave me an example of a similar M340i he leased a few days prior for $200 more a month.

FYI, this dealership is located in the the silicone valley, where there is supposedly lots of wealth... but I stand by my general/observed opinion that most people spend their money just as fast as they can make it and don't have the financial intelligence and wherewithal to accumulate wealth.