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Originally Posted by Wills2 View Post
It's being reported that it's the S58.
Originally Posted by mfurse View Post
I believe reading Pistonhead they're using the S58
That represents a pretty big shift in strategy for both Alpina and BMW if it is indeed true. I don't recall Alpina ever transplanting an M engine into their products (they did do the Alpina V8 Roadster, but the Z8 it was based on already had a M engine to begin with), and if they have done it, it would not have been in recent times. And to debut their vehicle with the S58 before the BMW M product based on the same Series vehicle has even been shown? That's very surprising if true.

Furthermore, they already had the F32 B4 S with the N55 up to ~440hp, which is more than the base S55. So it's hard to believe that they would not take a similar approach with the B58.

I'm not saying the above sources are wrong, but it's a little difficult to believe. I wonder if Alpina has confirmed this firsthand?