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Originally Posted by Rmtt View Post

You sound like you have a good life. But the best advice I can give is that until you truly realize you can be happy without anyone but are going to be more tempted to rely on others for something they may not can give you.

Whether she's trying to play hard to get....or if she thinks you may be on to some ulterior can't sweat it.

It sounds like you are well rounded, but also sounds like you've been hurt in the past. Nothing will fix that but time and staying occupied.

I wish you the best!
I'm very used to being single, and am not someone who needs a relationship to be happy - but being in one could be nice. Or could drive me nuts. I am an introvert, so I don't crave the presence and validation of others, but I'm also an affectionate person so the presence of the right one could be good. It's determining the right one that I struggle with.

I've been hurt before but that's well in the past and not a factor now I don't think. What I don't need are games - I have senior executives at my company playing power games and don't need more shit outside work.