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Originally Posted by joshuastein55 View Post
#1 - I wouldn't say TheStraightPipes are a good source of judgement as per which generation of 3 series is best, as they likely haven't driven every generation, and they've mainly grew up in modern times, so of course a faster and newer tech filled car will definitely appeal more to them.

#2 No newer generation of 3 series will ever be "the best 3 series" simply because of how much technology, safety standards, and ever growing weight and size have made new cars even more isolated from the road compared to their past generations.

The G20 is good, and a big improvement from the F30, but I would never refer to it as the "best 3 series of all time," in my opinion, the Alfa Giulia is really more of a modern 3 series than the G20.
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