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Originally Posted by joshuastein55 View Post
For the first point, its not an opinion, because you can't call something the best of 7 generations, without driving all 7 generations, which I'm sure that the straight pipes haven't. Also I don't specifically remember them saying anywhere that it was the best 3 series made in the last 44 years of its existance. Saying something is best in class is different from the best of its nameplate to date.

Even the review you cited from Top Speed, pointed out that an Alfa Giulia, and Jaguar XE are more driver oriented and handle better. I have yet seen many articles or even forum posts on here that say that the G20 is the best of all 7 generations of 3ers. Like @Germanauto said, the consensus which can be found in numerous reviews is "improved, but meh" from Road and Track, MotorTrend, Car & Driver, Auto Authority, Top Gear, etc.

Drive an E21, E30, E36, E46, or E90 and you will see that while the new G20 is good, it will never match the driving dynamics and handling of these generations, so again, modern technology, increasing size and weight, most definitely make cars more isolated than ever. That is most definitely a proven fact.

There's a reason that the 3 even in its newest generation is still losing comparison tests. Cars like the Giulia, ATS, G70, C43, XE, Model 3, have all caught up to BMW and some have even surpassed it in driving dynamics. The Alfa is one of the most fun compact sports sedans on the market today, which while an opinion, its one that has been shared by many from, with the Giulia receiving critical acclaim for its great chassis, handling and steering feel.

While I agree with the article, I don't care about defending it, I simply disagree more with your point about the G20 being the best 3 series of all time, because... its not. And while I didn't write the CNBC article, it echos many of the statements in the comparison test that I did write.
Your Opinions are noted both above and those in your comparison piece. Your subjective interpretation of the word "best" - also noted ��