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Originally Posted by 535i MSport View Post
Calm down...personally, I think that although that style have been around forever, they are what makes an Alpina. The other style I have seen on some modern Alpinas, just doesn't do it for me.
sorry OP

They've always " seemed " or appeared (?) heavy to me. Perhaps just their aesthetic .. I just find their wheels to be so period looking and of that period I think their best looks were on body codes such as E, not so much F and now G.
I'm calm. It's all subjective no matter what anyhow.
I love the classics just as much as anyone else I just kinda wished they'd evolved a bit is all. Like a really neat 3 piece w step lips or some crazy new ANKRY ( well maybe DIAL that back ) Forged Monoblock or something perhaps just a little ' daring ' ?
For once ?

Perhaps somewhere between these two ?
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