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Originally Posted by supra93 View Post
Correct, but the "385hp" is most likely also underrated. Also, I believe bimmerpost insider has said the B58D has stronger internals.
At this point it feels like Tada is trying to one up Elon on how to best piss off early adopters. Is there a sense that some of these changes are reactionary or if they were planned from the start?

I have literally no knowledge on running a car company, but it feels like the Supra is going to be a HBR on how not to launch a car. Fatigue from years of teases, the perception of selling out a beloved brand (I.e. rebadging a BMW), a design that is polarizing, but considered too boring from the design experiment, poor timing of the actual launch with the near perfect reveal of an objectively storied competitor car, weaker tech specs compared to the car it sold it's soul to and almost instant rumors of better versions coming out the next year.

I like the Supra, but I wanted to love it as a replacement to the Z4 coupe. Just not there, but depending on how depreciation hits it maybe I will consider it one day.