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Originally Posted by tommytexter View Post
My f32 435i with blue m sport brake had squeaking squealing problem too. Dealers all say it was normal because they don't want to do shit. I solved it myself by applied brake lubricant and squeal was much less often. Then i replaced the pad with ebc redstuff in 3rd year, it went away completely.

Hey thanks, but I'm leasing the car. I don't want to spend money on the thing. I just want a new car ride while I have it.
The SA did nothing for me as well. I'm guessing they are just worn out. I'm sure they launched the shit out of my car before they sold it to me. Today I heard my first squeak from the brakes. How long do these carbon-ceramic pads last on average? After 1.5 months of normal driving, I would think it's a little early. More to bitch about at the dealer.

I miss my BMW dealer in the Voorhees NJ, the service is like night and day. Every time I went for service they would give the latest new car model to enjoy for days, and they fixed so much for free. Unbelievable how poor the service is here in Toronto. Do they not get paid as much?