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Originally Posted by sahajesh View Post
Should have been the M4 in the first place, a far more nimble car.
I believe a big factor was the brand new S55 engine (the M6 GT3 began development in 2015, when the M4 was still fairly new). BMW Motorsport probably deemed it a risk since it was unproven and only 3L in displacement which would mean high boost to achieve competitive power output. And I believe rules changes would have made the prospect for instead transplanting, for example, the S63 less appealing (not to mention it would have sent a certain negative message about the S55 to BMW Performance fans).

Fast forward to today, and they've had a chance to prove out the S55 in the F82 M4 GT4. Although they're now faced with yet another new engine, the S58, it has no doubt been designed with lessons learned from the S55, so it is perhaps as much an evolution of the S55 as it is a high performance version of the B58.

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Calvin Fish actually stated on air the M8 will be replaced by the M4 in the GTLM class... I can't wait to see what it looks like.
That would mean there is the potential for three distinct G82 M4 factory race cars - GT4, GT3 (/GTD), and GTLM.