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I considered one. Quick notes

There are some companies that will flash up the engine for more power, somewhere around 300 plus the 80 from the motor.

The Motor is instead of a slush box on the transmission, so there have been some strange shifting issues.

The F30 330e has the battery in the trunk which was ok but it raised the center of gravity considerably

The G20 was designed with batteries in mind and so should be much batter handling wise

The original active hybrid had a 35i engine and a short 2 mile range. Sort of a performance minded set up. Reviewed hated it for not having range.

Batteries can either dump energy fast and powerfully or slow and over time. You cannot have performance battery AND range because physics.

Conclusion: i have no doubt the 330e is a fun car for a hybrid. But it is heavy and ultimately designed for low emissions commuting. A proper 'M sport' car will have a much shorter range and much more electric power. Hoping for the i8 2.0 to be like this.

In the meantime, I approve of the 530e and 330e for what it is. A fun hybrid but not a serious sports focused car.