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That color complements the G20 very well and I've grown to really love the styling of the new M Sport package. Beautiful car.

In searching for a replacement for my daily commuter, my 2018 or i3 REx, the 530e and the 330e were considerations within the BMW lineup. With an M3 CS already in my garage as a weekend car, I deemed the 530e too expensive for just a commuter. The 330e was more within reason. But to me it still has a few compromises.

1) electric only range is too small for me. My commute is 80 miles round trip and my goal was to not use any fuel. 37 miles is an improvement over the F30, but still not enough. 100 mi would be nice.

2) it's heavy - the i3, while not as powerful, it much much lighter and in traffic, the instant torque and nimble handling is much preferred over even my M3 CS. The f30 330e was sluggish and didn't drive all that well. The G20 is probably slightly better, but still a compromise since it has 400 extra lbs to haul around.

3) HOV accessibility is in question. The 530e was HOV accessible, but BMW didn't submit the F30 330e for the exemption. Perhaps with more electric range over the previous generation, now the G20 can.

4) it's missing that EV quirkiness . Perhaps I am the minority in that I want my EV to feel like an EV. I don't want to be sitting in slightly different version of my F80. Despite the G20 having a very different interior than the F30/F80 I still feel like it's a bmw sedan. I like the weird and creative i3 interior, which, despite being almost 5 years old feels fresh and modern.

5) cost. The 330e does not qualify, as far as I know, for the same amount of rebates as the i3. The residuals on the i3 are also a few % higher which means the leases on them are much more attractive. Couple that with the fuel savings and I could not justify the 330e.

Granted, my requirements might be very different for other drivers. This is still a very good all around car. However, for someone like me who wants more focused cars for specific purposes, an all electric 330e with good range would be preferred.
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