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Originally Posted by patsbimmer1 View Post
I believe the dimensions of the M8 are only carry a potential aero consequence but that could be good or bad. The weight is inconsequential because they're regulated by balance of power per the series rules. BMW advertises it as only weighing 2700lbs which compared to the street version is like losing a whole other car! Their results have been up and down with this car, especially in IMSA but I don't think it's the car's fault per se. The competition in this category is extremely tough! Around the same time as this being released you had an extremely dominant C7.r fully supported by Chevrolet with focus on winning in America and LeMans. Ford released the GT in 2016 for racing with their full weight behind 2 U.S. cars and 2 international cars. Porsche woke up and updated the RSR in 2016 and it was no slouch. Just those 3 competitors with 2 cars each in any given race makes it very difficult for BMW to dominate a series. The M6 was a turd admittedly and couldn't follow up the success of the Z4 GT3/4 chassis but again, Ford GT350 GT4/Cayman GT4/AMG GT3-4/R8 GT3-4/Huracan GT3-4 were all VERY good competitors. The M4 GT4 has seen a lot of success in privateer racing both internationally and here in North America but it's not front and center like the big GT cars.

I feel like Sports Car racing in general has become more popular than it was and manufacturers are throwing more money behind it than they have in the past because of a unified North American series in IMSA with televised events and SRO/PWC providing an excellent platform for customer racing around the world. It's getting harder for BMW to put out a good chassis because the competition is so good.
I agree the competition in IMSA is tough. The driver lineup also changed drastically with the M8... factory drivers but new to US tracks. I wouldn't doubt if that's also a factor.

It's been a tough couple of seasons for sure.