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I did a muffler delete/axleback and custom-made this past Thursday for my 330e at an exhaust-shop.

He did replace it with two much smaller mufflers so it's not really a muffler-delete but those mufflers don't do much imo.

While yes it's a little bit louder, the drone/resonance is TERRIBLE. At 2500 - 3500RPM it's seriously unbearable. I'm usually not so picky or not like I can't tolerate a little drone but this is seriously bad. Very bad... I highly recomend anyone to NOT do this.

I had my seats down on my motorway home to fit the stock muffler and with the seats down it was just killer. In a very bad way... This is not BMW, it sounds like crap.

Not sure what to do.. I guess we need to find another solution to not have that really bad drone, anyone has suggestions?

Either we continue building to find the right sweetspot or I'm just reverting back to stock. Feels a little boring to go back to stock and have done nothing though.

All I wanted was a little more sound, not a undrive-able car at those rpm's.
As it's not only on motorway that's pronounced but also in city..

This is what it looks like and sounds like at idle/revving. Not too terrible there, but once put some load it's a different story.

edit: sorry I can't upload a video, no idea how to do that.. I'm a newbie at forums and attachments doesn't seem to work with .MOV file.

Question: Does anyone know what that muffler is in the middle of the car? Is that a second cat? OPF filter? resonator?
We didn't touch that one as we were unsure of what it is..
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