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Originally Posted by wj4 View Post
...It's barely a stage one..which includes a JDM IX BOV if the Evo is an VIII, since it doesn't hold boost well...
...No knowledgable Evo owner would waste money on getting header unless you just want it for show. Installing is a bitch, and they crack a lot too, and they add minimal power for the cost.
LOL So much confusion in this single post. HaHa. Anyway, I also like how someone here mentioned how the race would have probably been different at a higher topend speed. I guess the whole "AWD sucks on topend" myth is still in people's minds. Yeah ok, try a modded Evo on topend and see how slow they are. Haha. 911 Turbos & Murcielagos must be slow also since they're AWD too. LoL
Sorry, not trying to start a war here, but some of the information(or lack of) im reading here is amusing.