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Originally Posted by x0xprincesa View Post
LOL So much confusion in this single post. HaHa. Anyway, I also like how someone here mentioned how the race would have probably been different at a higher topend speed. I guess the whole "AWD sucks on topend" myth is still in people's minds. Yeah ok, try a modded Evo on topend and see how slow they are. Haha. 911 Turbos & Murcielagos must be slow also since they're AWD too. LoL
Sorry, not trying to start a war here, but some of the information(or lack of) im reading here is amusing.

I like how you can interpret "might be" as "would have probably been". I also like how you assume that I meant it had to with AWD. What's also funny to me, is that I've owned 3 modified AWD turbo cars in the past and you're assuming that I think AWD cars "suck on topend" based on my post that doesn't even mention AWD. talk about LoL

The 335i performs better at higher, top-end speeds than it does down low...therefore, it might have more of a chance with a lightly modded EVO or STi or other 300+hp AWD vehicle. That was my only point. Here's the post I believe you're referring to:

My friend's EVO IX GSR with just TBE & EBC @ 19lbs will beat my 335 from dig, roll, w/e. There's no match. 100mph+ there might be more of a race, but not down low. Stock EVOs are definitely slower than stock 335s though.