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Originally Posted by Darth Federer View Post
Wow. I truly feel sorry for you. I think you've been completely manipulated by white leftist who rely on the monolithic black voting block. Without divisive identity politics, the democrat party wouldn't have a leg to stand on. As it is now, they can just call their opponents racist and you'll March off to the polls thinking you're fighting some injustice. Ever wonder why guys like Ben Carson are constantly called Uncle Tom? You don't find it discouraging when a guy like Herman Cain is vilified because some white leftist, in this case David Axelrod, leaked a story that Herman Cain gropped white women? Once you leave the white leftist plantation you'll be cut off at the knees without a second thought. You'd be called an Uncle Tom too because white leftists can't let their hold on the black community be undermined. Also, you do realize that blacks make up about 12% of the population. Do you think your crime statistics reflect that? I guess you can keep your head buried in the sand while white leftists destroy the family unit and put liquor stores and abortion clinics all over black neighborhoods. It doesn't piss you off that a bunch of Lilly white leftists in Guy Fawkes masks come into your community to incite riots and violence? The constant turmoil and constant talk of racism only cements their control. Also, no matter what you do you can't legislate out what's in someone's heart and it would be downright Orwellian to try. Some people are going to be racist and some aren't. It's just human nature.
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