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Well why on earth is it allowed for random bystanders to be so close to news reporters?

Ever since the "f her right in the -----" guy stole a mic from a reporter I wondered how they are allowed to get so close? Is there no one to protect the news report from interruption, or even the news cast from something like that? I guess the answer is not at all.

News reporters can't constantly be checking peripheral vision and every person who comes within close proximity. I wish that the news company could provide a security personnel to always keep a safe perimeter for the news crew to conduct their job in a safe and interruption free manner.

Of course you have the occasional photo or video bomb which can be funny, but again even those cross the line. If you want to be anywhere near a camera crew, you should have to be invited by the crew or first ask their security personnel.

As far as gun control goes there may never be an answer.