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Originally Posted by MrRoboto View Post
I hear what you are saying. My thinking is that Canadians and US are all sujset to the same TV, games, marketing, products, etc. It's just odd that americans are so different in some ways then their closest neighbour.
Homer Simpson said it best.. Canada is "America Jr". If only Canada would adopt some cannabis laws from Colorado/Washington etc

Canadians and Americans are different based on culture.. there is an American culture, patriotic, sense of entitlement etc.. Americans are Americans.. they wave their flags proudly. America fuck yaaa.

Canada is extremely multi-cultural. Bringing all different cultures with them, ask a Canadian what's their country?.. India, China, Mexico.. etc.. no one (very few) people say and are proud to be Canadian or consider Canada their home country. The peacefulness, quality of life, bring these people to Canada.

Zeitgeist The Movie will explain why USA is USA haha.

The best example is "Just for Laugh Gags",

All filmed and created in Canada and also some in the UK.. if they pulled this in the US.. what would happen? Guns will be pulled.