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Originally Posted by Law View Post
BMW and the 3-Series have changed a lot, haven't they?

In one of the video reviews (forgot exactly which one), the presenter brought an interesting fact into particular focus, that BMW no longer offers a RWD 6-cylinder 3-Series.

We knew that fact already, but actually letting it sink-in, is a big realization.

In the brief span of a decade (2008-2018), BMW went from the E90, offering the most diversified and versatile lineup of the 3-Series (mix of 4 and 6-cylinder engines, naturally aspirated and turbocharged, petrol and diesel applications, RWD and AWD models, with manual transmissions available for most variants), to the very limited selection that we have coming with the G20, all turbocharged, all automatic, and RWD only available with 4-cylinders.

What was amazing about all of this is that the E90 and its many variants, even in their more "basic" forms, drove respectably, like a BMW.
Of course, I will reserve my judgement for the G20 until I drive one (and I have high hopes for it), but the F30 absolutely fell-short in that department.
A "basic" F30, particularly sans M Sport, absolutely drove like a generic [rental] vehicle.

Where we are now is quite the contrast from 10 years ago and it's quite unfortunate for the BMW enthusiast community that BMW has lost things along the journey.
More drivetrain choices/combinations would've been nice.
And the argument that MB or Audi doesn't do it is actually the perfect argument why BMW should do it (i.e., manual trans.).
Because that's what would set BMW apart as a true drivers' car.
Alas, it's also understandable that the business decision behind it was based on the fact that not enough people voted with their wallets, so there's that.

Still, I'm excited to drive the G20 when the opportunity arrives.
At this point, I'm not expecting it to be a 3-Series of yore but I am expecting it to be much improved over the F30.


Yes, such big changes, I don't really recognise my BMW of old. So much focus on tech, less so on driving...

About chasing clients, they got more, but are they the right clients for the brand, the ones that will be faithful to it? This is something debatable...

Don't get me wrong, I will test drive the new 3er, but If I were to purchase a new BMW, I would be a 2 series, the M2 CS is probably the last exciting compact size BMW.

I've driven a rental 2-litre turbodiesel E90 and I was impressed on how good and "tight" it felt, I've driven a F30 rental too and it felt like a Japanese appliance...

My next car will probably be a vintage BMW or else, more analogue feel is what I love about driving... Don't get me wrong, I live and work in a very modern way, completely connected, but when I get in my car I want to feel the analogue freedom without all the unnecessary gadgets, well except for a great sound system ;-)

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