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In the brief span of a decade (2008-2018), BMW went from the E90, offering the most diversified and versatile lineup of the 3-Series (mix of 4 and 6-cylinder engines, naturally aspirated and turbocharged, petrol and diesel applications, RWD and AWD models, with manual transmissions available for most variants), to the very limited selection that we have coming with the G20, all turbocharged, all automatic, and RWD only available with 4-cylinders.
Oh come on, when the E46 came out there were two models. 318i and 328i, i.e. a shit range. A wheezy four-pot or a monster six-cylinder. When I bought mine mid-season, I had a choice of TEN engines and if I lived in Yurrup, I could have had RWD or AWD . When then E90 came out you could have a 320i, 320d and 330i, nothing AWD. That was it, i.e., shit. If you compared the E90 at launch to the E46 at peak, you'd say the same thing - "it's shit" - but it would be a pointless comparison.
What was amazing about all of this is that the E90 and its many variants, even in their more "basic" forms, drove respectably, like a BMW.
Hmm. I recall huge disappointment at the choice of run-flat tyres, the increase in size, the bizarre styling, the lack of door strips that made parking lot damage a guarantee, the narrow rear track and inboard rear wheels that made the rear end look like a full baby's diaper, the oversized rear lamps off a Daewoo, the awful camel-hump dashboard if you specified iDrive and the featureless expanse if you did not, the less driver-focused interior whose console no longer pointed at the driver... all forgotten now by this forum, which now lauds it as one of the "troo grates".