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Originally Posted by Racer20 View Post
I wonder how many 6MT owners complain about lack of traction. I have never had a big issue, and I suspect that manual clutch operation naturally softens the torque shock to the wheels on upshifts and provides some inherent modulation.

That, and unless you actually drive your DCT actually like a true manual (100% control of gear changes, planning shifts in advance, etc.) there's always at least a little guesswork in matching your throttle modulation to what the transmission will do.

Regardless, DCT and automatic cars are simply not fun on the street to me. I enjoy driving my 230hp ZHP on my commute far more than any automatic car I've ever driven, including my S4 and various other M cars, AMG's, and PDK Porsches. Having a manual keeps you engaged in the process all the time, and clicking off a perfect series of heel/toe downshifts can make even stopping at a stoplight entertaining.

If all you want to do is put your foot down and go fast, buy a Tesla. There are a dozen of other cars out there if you want an AWD automatic that doesn't take any skill to drive. It's akin to wanting a Camry with a big block V8 . . . that's just not what the car should be, and you'd be better off just buying a muscle car.

Don't get me wrong, I clearly understand the trends in the market and I don't blame people if they want an AWD car because it lets them drive it in the winter or they don't really care about driving on the track or something. The thing that gets me is when people say they "don't understand the hate for AWD." That should be pretty obvious . . . it's taking away one of the main factors that makes the M3 special and unique, and one of the main factors that gives it its character. Sort of like how an Ecoboost Mustang will *never* be as special as a GT350, regardless of how it performs.
Obviously many disagree about the DCT vs manual argument. I only had MT cars prior to my first experience with DCT. It was definitely fun shifting and dropping the clutch. But after driving DCT, I get the same thrill which is from shifting at whatever rpm I wanted. I was happy to get rid of a third pedal and free up one hand.

If you use DCT as it's meant to be used, i feel it's just as "fun" as MT. It shifts just as "hard" and is crisp. When I don't want to shift manually anymore, I just pop it into auto. Now I haven't driven the 8 spd auto, but it doesn't sound like it drives or shifts the same way. Anyone driven the m5?