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Harrassed because I drive a BMW?

I recently moved to a pretty rural area in Minnesota (I used to live in SWFlorida and every other vehicle was a BMW or Mercedes or whatever) but around here it's nothing but GM products. I'm not kidding. That's what everyone in a 60 mile radius drives. Pontiacs. Buicks. Chevys. Saturns. Whatever....

I've noticed that when I go to pass (most roads around here are single lane county roads) often times, the person either:

Gets super pissed and gives me a dirty look or gives me the finger
Speeds up to make passing harder (even though I'm in a bolt on 335 lmao)
After I pass they speed up and tailgate really hard

What's this animosity all about? Does anyone notice this? Is it because I'm in a BMW or do they do this to anyone in any brand vehicle? I'm not being aggressive or doing sketchy passes (shit, I don't even have to leave 6th gear, I just get into a little bit of boost and overtake them nice and smooth). Does anyone experience this or what?

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