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Originally Posted by XutvJet View Post
My point is GM hasn't been able to pull off the mid/rear engine combo effectively or reliably (Fiero, Covair). I'm hopeful that they've taken this endeavor way more seriously; it appears that they have. We'll see how it fairs after a full year on the market in terms of reliability. I sure as hell wouldn't buy a 1st year C8, probably not even a 2nd year.

I'm cautiously optimistic that this car will kick total ass and I'm extremely thrilled that they kept it a simple NA pushrod V8 and didn't go with turbos and the like. I'm sure this car will look amazing in person, especially with the right wheels, no wing, and the right color.
I don't really see your point as neither of those cars had close to the money, risk to the company, or engineering prowess behind them but anyway...the Z06 will be a DOHC twin turbo.