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Collected this afternoon. In Sunset Orange with Mocha brown interior and oak open pour wood. Was meant to have been fully charged on collection but only had 4 mile range!?

Still, on a 45 mile drive back from Reading I averaged about 65 MPG (70% motorway, 20% A roads, 10% town). Surprised that it still sticks in electric mode even when it says there is no charge left when you're pottering around town :-)

Adaptive ride is great, pretty comfortable. Really pleased with the colour, especially if you get some sun on it. Still tinkering with the HK Surround settings to work out whether it's better on or off..

Connected drive is now active on my iPhone (just had to wait an hour after entering the code). Apple CarPlay has been completely stable. I've also got Spotify which seems to work using the car's own SIM, I wonder when I'll get the bill ;-)

Apple Watch app is pretty cool :-)

Will report back in the next week on further findings.
I really wish I hadn't seen this.

I really wish I hadn't seen the Apple Watch App either!

Looks fantastic

Can have ask about the 65mpg, that's what the car says in the dash or trip computer, based on fuel it has used etc?

So if you have a 20 mile journey and you did a great job of being pre charged and use battery for 19miles of the 20, it will show you the incredible 100+ mpg figures I guess etc? Is that how it would calculate. Apologies for the newb questions.

Cracking car again, I'm very very interested in the 330e and X5 45e. Looking forward to a test drive soon.
Thanks for your comments, I'm really pleased with it so far. So 65 MPG was from the trip computer for the journey. Out of the 45 miles only 4 miles were "officially" electric but it was happy doing sub 30-mph on electric anyway even when supposedly flat.

I've just done a round trip to Swindon (about 24 miles) and had 5 miles left when I got back. It did the whole trip on electric in Hybrid Eco Pro mode, even scooting along at 60 mph for about 60% of the time. Yes it just reports 99.9 MPG for the journey. Would have been nice to have had 3 digits...
That's amazing!
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