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Originally Posted by SunsetSleeper View Post
Its not just a function of what wheels you choose and the width its also which size tires you put on the rims.

I know some people running 19x8.5 with 255 series tires instead of 245 or 225 which comes stock on the X model.

Do you want fat meaty tires or do you run lower profile tires?

I am just bringing up a point that you might not have thought of.

Also you have the offset on the wheels so how far are they sticking out.

All of these variables make it more difficult to figure out. I would recommend contacting a few of the "reputable" wheel companies for help like HRE, BBS, Forgestar, ect to get help
I would like to keep 19" wheels and xxx/40 and xxx/35 tires, but I really would like more wide wheels and tires. Like growing from 8.0 in the front and 8.5 in the rear, to 8.5 in the front and 9.0 or 9.5 in the rear.