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Originally Posted by Letterkenny View Post
After leasing an Audi A4, I’m coming back to BMW (hopefully for good!). I believe I did okay on my deal below but took a bit of a hit for doing a custom order (could have gotten 12% off and base MF with a wheels on the ground car).

MSRP: $63,220
Selling: $56,898
Incentives: $3,000 (loyalty and current lease cash)
MF: .00133 (effective 8% MSRP if I were to use base MF. Acquisition fee capped within. 7 MSD to lower MF from .00168 to .00133)
RV: 60% 36/12K
Payment: $656
Drive offs: $5,100 ($4,900 MSD’s and $200 drive offs. ~$1,400 of incentives used against drive offs)

I had an offer for 10.5% off MSRP at a base MF but couldn’t get the insight into the figures that I needed ($625 payment essentially but I’d be at $2k+ drive offs so my out of pocket would have been higher). Let me know thoughts on the deal. See attached for the options listing.
Can you tell me what your drive offs where? DMV fee's, acquisition, etc?

EDIT: Reason I'm asking is I'm trying to run your numbers through a lease calculator and can't get to your monthly - maybe I'm using different fees?


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