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I live in Norway and I've also ordered one and is expecting it to arrive late march. I've used BSR on a couple of cars before, though with much more moderate increases of course. I've promised myself to not tune this one, but I know, by experience, that I only last a month before I do it anyway

With the amount of torque increase how will the drivetrain hold up?
Does anyone know which of the ZF 8HP gearboxes is in the 330e?

Is it possible to use PPT to set it back to original/tune it after the initial tuning is done?


Norway here aswell. I have one 2020 530E and the wife has a 2020 330E- i have talked to BSR and they do not have a PTT for these bmws.

I will tune mine now. But i will most likley use BootMod3. Then you can swap between maps easy.

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