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Originally Posted by ardalain View Post
Hi M-Performance
i just ordered a white 330e and its due to arrive in april, AND i live in Stockholm Sweden, so you can imagine that this post interests my speed-buds.

you say that you went from 252 to 400+, and this is also true on BSRs website.
but, the 330e does not have 252 hp, so im not sure where you and they are getting these figures.
What i have been seing is 292hp (184 hp from the petrol engine and the rest from the electric)

so whats the deal.
and how will the gearbox, drivetrain and other parts keep up with this change?
The car has 250 something hp constantly, but it can produce up to 292 hp for maximum of 10seconds if you use kickdown or sport+.
So saying the car has 252hp is about right.
Or so i've read from articles online.