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I had a question about the helicopter. It was built in 1991 so it is 29 years old. That seems ancient. Kobe was 12 when that thing was brand new. Is it normal to have such old helicopters still flying? I read an article saying that modern helicopters are safer now, but this would not qualify as modern. It did not have a black box or terrain warning system which a newer chopper might.

As for Kobe himself he was no saint and had many faults including committing sexual assault while he was married I believe. He did many positive things in his life but also made some mistakes. Sexual assault is a serious crime so it isn't something we should downplay. It's a complicated situation for sure as to how we should view his life not sure I have the answer to that but just wanted to put this thread out there for folks to share there thoughts on the situation. He was a husband and a father trying to raise his kids well and will be missed by them.