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Originally Posted by ThinkRevolutionx View Post
If you were to build up/buy a dedicated beach/sand vehicle - older, newer - doesn't matter. What would you go for?

I have excellent off-road beaches by me I go to a few dozen times a year. Been considering a fun project truck so as not to wear down my daily. It's soft, mostly flat sand, but also pretty deep and people often get stuck. Has to be able to fit 2-3 people, and 2 big dogs. Alot of vehicles suffice with just appropriate tires, but I want something to work on, so looking to toy with something that has upgrade potential.

I've been all over the place. Things I've considered:

Full size bronco. Waiting for new bronco. Any gen tacoma. Fj80 land cruiser. 92 mercedes G. Cherokee XJ. K20. Old Range rover. Pre 2006 LR discovery. Ford Ranger, including new. Etc.

I don't like: Wranglers, 4runners, FJ cruiser.

Open to any ideas suggestions or experiences.
I'd vote for a FJ60 or a 1st gen 4runner (removable top ).