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Originally Posted by ThinkRevolutionx View Post
Alot of beaches on the south shore of long island you can legally drive on the beach, they just re-opened gilgo beach for example - but there's democrat point, sore thumb etc.

Wranglers just don't inspire anything in me. Every single person here has a wrangler. Yea, it's a dedicated offroad vehicle, but this area is littered with them. It's usually young kids that put lift kits and big tires on them just to angle themselves up curbs and snowbanks "For insta" if i'm going to have a project, I want to feel something with it - and also either be unique, or have some opportunity to make it unique.

The defender.. now we are talking. Looked into those for awhile, and that's what led me to an older G wagon. Seems the merc does everything they do better, while being more reliable , similar price, and (strictly my opinion) looking cooler.
Nice thing about Defender, Wrangler even Nissan X-Terra you can to some extent hose out the sand and dirt. Older Ford Broncos and Suburbans, even older crew cab pick-ups have reached such desirability that proper pricing and finding a good frame is for the very experienced.

Old G-wagons can be grey market or 25 year old import Defenders and G-class also requires a lot of research with a gamble.