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Originally Posted by Wmb5m View Post
I have now for several weeks trying to get BMW to buy the car back. First they said that they shall have 3 chances to repair the car. When I told them that had that 3 times already, they changed and said that they need a second opinion from a other dealer. I leaved the car for that two weeks ago and they could just state that the car sound too much, but had no solution. That was not enough either, so then BMW sent their own delegate, and that guy also said that the car do sound too much. Now they are telling me that they will do more test in the car and will give me information in week 13! I must wait at least two more weeks! It is today 16 weeks since I made the first complain. BMWs guarantee seems to be worthless! I will never dare to buy a BMW again.
This time they has had the car for two weeks now. Since I left it I was curious if they worked on the car at all, and I checked in the app a lot of times but mostly the car is parked in the parkinglot at the dealer. I also noticed that they use it after work ours for private business. Driving it home and to resturants. And It is also parked at private homes in the city by night. They drove 270 km until I rang them and said that it is criminal to use my car for private business. Since that they dont have touch it at all.
That sucks! :-( :-(

Crappy car we all bought/leased..