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Originally Posted by PBJ View Post
Here's hoping indeed!

Your car should arrive in Melbourne tomorrow. Go to the Prixcar website to track the VIN's progress once it leaves the ship.

In a covid-19 free world, it would take about 2 weeks to get the car ready for collection. It's possible that will still happen

So weird, we have among the very few merino 3ers in the world I think!
PBJ, many thanks for the Prixcar Website tip. Much appreciated.
Iíve found my car at a ďdummy wharf in MelbourneĒ. Iím translating that as: it hasnít arrived in Melbourne at the moment. Itís due to dock tomorrow, I believe.
This site will be very handy to see if the car is delayed in Melbourne for any length of time.

Your observation on merino clad 3ers is very interesting.
It hadnít occurred to me that there will be so few made.
We have collectors items already, and we havenít even received the cars yet! Hahaha.
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