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Why did Henry Waxman cross the Road .....or..... Wackos gone Wild

The unknown comic would lead you to believe: "Henry Waxman crossed the road because he was stapled to the chicken!"

That is simply not true. Henry Waxman has been swept up in the latest craze in Washington D.C. known as "Wackos gone Wild."

Yes, he and his partner, Edward Markey, have written a bill to allow:

"Self-proclaimed victims of global warming or those who "expect to suffer" from it - from beachfront property owners to asthmatics - for the first time would be able to sue the federal government...."

"It would allow citizens to seek up to $75,000 in damages from the government each year, but would cap the total amount paid out each year at $1.5 million, committee staff said. "

I have made my feelings clear in the past about the lame self righteous ruling elitists that are flushing the USA down the toilet, but I must say that I have way underestimated the ability of some in congress. I never dreamed that these left wing nut jobs could conceive a bill to allow climate lawsuits....way to go Henry and Edward. At least they didn't allow polar bears to sue yet.

People here in central Texas (sun belt) will make a fortune from skin damage. And don't forget Katrina. Let the lawsuits begin!

Hey, what about a law banning clouds (not rain) or hills (for bikers). What about fast growing grass that you have to cut all the time? Why not slow growing grass? And what about babies that soil their diapers? Can't something be done? No, those are all silly ideas....kind of like suing about the weather.

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