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OK- this takes approximately 3 hours of total federal spending for the year. As far as stimulus goes, it's probably pretty effective as it gets a lot of people with spare cars to buy new ones. These are people who can afford a new car, but choose not to or normally choose to buy new. I'm actually considering trading in my 95 Cherokee on this because I could get 2x what it's worth, but normally I never buy new, and wasn't in the market, so in that regard I suppose it's working. I just took really good care of that Jeep so I hate to trash it.

That said, I'm against the spending of money on this, and am REALLY against paying to destroy something of VALUE. If a $2500 car is crushed and traded in for $4500, we all lose $2k in tax money, but there's also $2500 of value that is NO LONGER IN THE ECONOMY. It's the broken window fallacy (google it).