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Originally Posted by Nixon View Post
In the context of the financial sector, the government operates in a similar role as the NFL, or the NHL, or the NBA does in sports. (Before you get stupid, it is NOT an exact analogy, it is just a tool for explanation.) The gov't provides the rules and the refs to provide a playing field where anyone joining the game can compete to the best of their abilities. This ENABLES players to CHOOSE to compete, each to their own abilities.

If you don't want to play in an organized league, you can play street ball if you want. You just can never be a champion, or be part of the big leagues (or even minor leagues). You can't play against players who have CHOSEN to play by the rules in any of these leagues. And if you are fouled, tough luck. If being fouled involves a 2X4 or a tire iron, even tougher luck. If you don't like it, you could have CHOSEN to play in a local league where that sort of thing is regulated.

The US government provides a set of rules and refs that ENABLES the free market to operate for those who CHOOSE to compete in that market, each to their own abilities. The gov't provides structures such as the ability to incorporate, courts for settling disputes, a monetary unit for trade, and rules and regulations for those who CHOOSE to participate on this playing field.

If you don't like the rules, you are perfectly welcome not to participate. Don't seek gov't protection under the laws of incorporation. Don't use the court systems for settling disputes. Don't trade in exchanges where all the rest of the participants have CHOSEN to trade under a set of rules. Don't trade in other companies or products who have CHOSEN to offer their company shares and financial products for sale in these regulated exchanges.

You can conduct your business as an unincorporated individual, with all your agreements being conducted through private contracts with arbitration clauses that specify a private arbitrator instead of the courts. You can work as far off the reservation as you choose.

If you really want to play in a league without any rules at all, move to Nigeria. Because it is a perfect example of the relative success of nations that do not provide these gov't regulated financial structures where businesses can participate. Nations like these are all failures.
On the face of it, I agree with everything you said here except your cutting remark in the parentheses. If you dropped such drivel as that, then your posts might have some merit. Personal attacks are unacceptable and close the mind to accepting what substance may be in your argument.