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Originally Posted by Nixon View Post
Don't have time to deal with all the points in your email tonight, so I'll hit this easy part first, then address the rest of your post tomorrow.

dividends paid on loans: 12 Billion (12,445,591,592).

loan/warrent repayments: 72 Billion (71,628,089,000)

Announced intent for repayments this fall (pending Gov't approval): 46 Billion
Bank of America: 20 Billion
Wells Fargo: 25 Billion
Morgan Stanley: 1 Billion

Total funds actually lent out so far from TARP + Fanny/Freddy: 393 Billion (392,589,699,131)

So the math is roughly 130 Billion out of 393 billion of TARP and Freddy/Fanny funds that have actually been loaned out have either been repaid, or are planned to be repaid once the gov't approves.

So roughly about a third of the funds already lent, have been returned and/or are in the pipeline for being returned.
Cool. I am glad some of it has been repaid. I am concerned about what has not been repaid and more concerned about what likely will not be repaid. (Not to revisit right now my other concerns about the role of government).
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