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He has most definitely spoken up about what's going on within the social media platforms. The investigation into Google that is ramping up...

Two months ago I said I could live with a Biden win.
Pffftt, not anymore. The China and Ukraine information alone killed that acceptance and tolerance. Add in his flipping flopping on a dock imitations the past few weeks.
Alissa freaking Milano calls him and he reverses his Hyde stance? That's not leadership, that's full blown pandering soaked in milk and toast.

The twinkles friends bracelets.
Omg, Joe, get up off your knees.
If he keeps what's her name in charge of his campaign I think he will miss the bus in the end.

I hope I'm wrong but I see Joe having a health episode. He just doesn't have what it takes to run. Lethargic, uninspiring and Trump would destroy him in a debate setting.

Of all the dems, crazy Bernie is the only one I see as having a set of convictions and willing to stand by them. Totally nutter convictions but convictions nonetheless.
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