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Originally Posted by BayMoWe335 View Post
OK, Iíll go first.

The talk about what a great guy he was is somewhat nauseating.

Letís not forget there is verifiable evidence he wasnít a great husband and a possibility he may have been a very bad person.

It does suck for the family, but that goes with any death, including the others that died in that helicopter. Itís sad heís the only one talked about.
None of this takes away his success as a basketball player.
While his personal life was always targeted because of success, weíre not judging him on your basis of morality. He was a family man and loved his family, and no doubt they loved him.

While you lament the others passing, there are families killed everyday in car accidents, but I donít see you listing the names of these perfect people. Unfortunately, human nature is to find morality fault the higher up the success chain you go.

With tragedy comes sympathy and forgiveness, period.

Letís just grieve in our own ways, or just let people be without the criticism.
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