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Originally Posted by TomHudson View Post
So what?

It’s okay that at your final eulogy when you’re surrounded by family and loved ones, some idiot gets up in front of the church and starts with “he wasn’t that perfect...”
it’s a dick move, and you know it.
I think that the position that some are taking isn't quite as harsh as your analogy. Nobody is going to stand up at his eulogy and crap on him, I think where the disconnect is comes in that he is being heralded as the second be fair, he was one of the greatest basketball players of all time, an accomplished business man and a caring father. He clearly had flaws, and it wasn't just infidelity because frankly I could care less about that because it occurs in nearly half of all marriages so that doesn't make him unusual. There was a credible allegation against him, and maybe it's too soon but he wasn't JFK, Mother Theresa or Gandhi either. Just my two cents.

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