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Originally Posted by TomHudson View Post
Your legal interpretation is just that, an interpretation.
The victims lawyers took this high profile case, without any degree of loss of quality of representation.
What actually transpired, we will never know, but the agreed to result was just that; agreed by both parties.

While you enjoy diminishing a persons accomplishments, because you feel it’s not as culturally or socially important, is negligible.

The furthest degree of mourning seems to be the loss of him as he was with his daughter at the time.

It’s pretty pathetic to be lambasting a persons existence, shortly after his passing, for your interpretation of “good” or “bad”, when you know absolutely nothing about his life. But you feel entitled to judge it because he “threw a ball”.
Curious what great morality your career has bestowed upon society?
Not once did I make a single legal interpretation, but shared my view on society's reaction to his death.

"What actually transpired we will never know" Not true. The facts about that case are well known and public. He admitted to raping her. The physical evidence is clear that he did it. He also did not publicly apologize for it, and refused to talk about the case when questioned about it.

I stated I was sad at society's reaction. My post was about my disappointment in society. The fact that society can call him a great father, when he's cheated 100s of times. The way you are diminishing a rape victim to protect a basketball player, is congruent to what I see. And I'm not particularly sure it's helpful to his children to promote him as a good father, when he clearly wasn't, because that's going to distort their view of what a good father really is.

"While you enjoy diminishing a persons accomplishments, because you feel it’s not as culturally or socially important, is negligible."
It's not negligible, because what he's done and what society does further aids in destroying society. That someone can rape and cheat and still die a hero because they were a good basketball player... that is very dangerous to promote. It shows people you can do what you want and get away with it, despite hurting people, if you are great at your job.

I know I said I'd respect OPs wish to not talk about it further, but when you're attributing things to me that aren't true, I'm going to defend myself.
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