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Originally Posted by NormanConquest View Post
Mexico beef up enforcement to meet Trump terms

Genral cost information

Cost of detainment

Ans you can search yourself all the times the democrats say illegals contribute to the tax pool.

So with all that information on hand you can use your critical thinking skills to figure

A. Mexico is barring the brunt of the cost by detain illegals in Mexico

B. Instead of us paying for those same people it free up money to pay for our wall.

C. If they slip by they are supposely a net contributor (according to democrats) to our tax revenue so they are paying for their deportation once apprehended.

So yes everything I said would be consider true with all the information we have present and using your own critical thinking skills instead of needing the media to spoon feed me a narrative.
He doesn't want to give Trump credit for anything. TDS is strong here. Trump/Mexico has Saved money to pay for that wall several times over with Mexoco doing our job(enforcement), sending illegals back with Trump's agreement but the Dems try to stop him at every turn, having them stay in Mexico, and getting enough Judges to speed up their deportation.

Mexico has done way more for our immigration problem then the Dems. Its another reason why you will see a RED U.S. the day after election. It is going to be such fun on this Board....