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Originally Posted by jstein55 View Post
I wouldn't get your hopes up on that. Current target range is at 270 for the i4 and EPA could make that lower for all we know, and I would expect prices to be very high, likely around well equipped M340i prices (~$65k). Those Long Range Model 3's are a pretty good value in my opinion.
I still cannot reconcile the range disparity between what BMW publishes (373 miles) and the SWAG's of 270 miles from the car magazines.

I understand the EPA vs. WLPT range differences (more highway vs. more urban/residential driving), however, when comparing cars already in existence (Model 3 as an example) the differences in ranges (when actually tested using both EPA and WLPT standards) do not come close to losing 103 miles of range. Actual difference is more in line with 50-60 miles of range difference.

I will reserve judgement on i4 actual range until it is released and tested (like the Model 3, i3, i8 and others).

If BMW is hoping to steal some of Tesla's thunder, the starting price for the i4 should be competitive with the Model 3 long range version ($50K). Okay, so it's a BMW, and they tack on another $4-$5K because of the propeller badge, I'm still in. Starting at $65K, they can keep it.

I also think we will see Tesla start using new battery tech in the newer Model 3s (which they will be exclusively producing in-house), bumping ranges up to 400 miles or more.

Whether you like Tesla or not, they were smart having invested in vertical integration of most all of their car's components. They won't have to share their battery tech with other car makers. Every "Tesla killer" introduced so far hasn't achieved that goal. Most cost thousand$ more and don't have the range. Every comparison I've read in car mags seems to agree, picking the Tesla over the competition.

The i4 is the first EV I've seen from another manufacturer that appears to be priced @ and have the range to actually give Tesla a challenge.

We do live in interesting times for sure.