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Originally Posted by mbanck View Post
What about the Polestar 2, which is actually shipping right now and not in 1,5 years?
Not in need of a new car now anyway. I have an 2017 Dinan tuned M240i which I ordered to my specifications w/ 7000 miles (looks and drives like new) and a 2019 Mini Cooper S w/ the JCW tune w/ 2100 miles. So if the i4 comes out in 2022, it's not a big deal. The only dilemma I'll have is which car do I want to trade for it. Additionally, by 2022, who knows what Tesla may have......................Perhaps a Model 2 w/ 300+ mile range for 1/2 the price of the Polestar (then it's goodbye Mini).

Configuring the Polestar car with a "Moon" exterior and white interior - no extras puts it at $65K+ listed range is 270 miles. delivery date Sept 2020.

Not really crazy about the appearance of the Polestar either. The lines of the car remind me of a Nissan Sentra.

I think The Model 3 (available now) looks sportier with more flowing lines as does the i4. The Model 3 Tesla in a custom color w/ white interior comes in less that $50K and the i4 is projected to be in that ball park. Range on the Tesla is rated at 322 miles and I'm guessing the i4 should be close to when finally tested using the EPA standard vs. the 373 miles that the WLPT claims (compared to unverified claims of a 103 mile range loss between the two measuring standards).

My requirement for range has to be over 300 miles. Tesla ranges keep increasing and with newer battery tech being developed in-house. 400 miles is a real possibility in the new Model 3's.

No sense in arguing range for the i4 until it actually comes out and can be tested using the EPA standard. If it falls way short of of the Tesla Model 3 (current models 322 mile range), then I will not consider it either.

I am attracted to the i4 because of it's interior design and the integration of more manual controls for common use items rather than everything accessed through the center screen on the Tesla. If pricing stays as projected and the range is close to 320 miles or more I will likely buy the i4. Too soon to tell right now as technology is constantly moving forward.