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Originally Posted by USA-RET View Post
Then my only qualm would be range and its curb appeal to me.

Appearance is subjective for sure and I can even agree to going with a car whose appearance isn't as pleasing to me than anothers if it significantly trumps the other cars range and offers the same or more features.

If the Polestar 2's later release offers 350+ miles in range and similar features @ the same price point to the Tesla or i4 (projected to sell for $50K), I would certainly consider it

Kona EV for me is as good an option as the Polestar 2 is. 258 miles range for $37K. Even the top of the line Kona is $45K and is really loaded. I am not crazy about the Kona's appearance as it looks like every other small SUV on the road, but again, "bang for the buck".....Hyundai

I, however need and want 300+ miles of range. So the Polestar or Kona doesn't work for me, but if I only need 250 miles or range, the Kona would likely be my choice. The Kona "Ultimate" has about every option anyone could want in their car. Reviews of the Kona EV have been very good.

Tesla would appear to be the leader in EV cars and tech. Others (like Porsche) tried but seem to come up short when compared (while demanding approx a $40K+ up-charge for their badge). Tesla continues to increase the gap when compared to its competitors.

I really hope BMW (with their i4) offers something that compares favorably (price, performance and range) to the Tesla Model 3 long range. To date no one has,...............

Worth a watch:
Some of the developing entries are certainly worth a look. The only non-starter for me is anything from Tesla for their first generation of products, from S to 3 to X to Y. The recent initial quality report mirrors what I've read on their forums...not good. They are still laboring under being a beginner car company with immature assembly processes resulting in a variety of quality problems at a worst-in-industry rate. These are not esoteric problems such as BMW may have with items such as HPFPs, but the basics such as getting a body assembled and painted..."kindergarten" stuff for an OEM. Perhaps by the second generation (whenever that is) for Model 3, they may have learned enough to do better, but right now, I'd take the upcoming Ford Mach E before a Model 3...but still hoping for i4 with reasonable/reachable pricing.

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