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Certainly Tesla has problems with fit and finish issues. Yet nearly all owners are very happy with their cars.

QC appears to be getting better as manufacturing processes improve. Given more time one would think much of the things people complain about will be rectified.

One could argue Tesla has done remarkable things in the 11 years they have been in the market. Starting from dirt, Tesla has become the global leader in EV production and sales. Every other manufacturer is playing catch-up.

Every head to head comparison when a Tesla is compared to another company's EV, the Tesla seems to win.

Ford, GM and others have had manufacturing for decades longer (and if you read the Corvette forums) there are still plenty of complaints about fit and finish of their halo sports car). So one would expect their paint and assembly should be better than a newly formed car company.

Plenty of people rooting for Tesla to fail. Time will tell.