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Originally Posted by Turkish Pickle View Post
regardless if you give up on dating or not, you should be making yourself happy!
at the end of the day, it's you. given you're looking into buying a countach you clearly can handle yourself more than fine, and i'd argue if you aren't truly happy with yourself then something is off. if anything, no one can make you feel happy if you aren't happy with yourself

side/legal note: please keep making yourself happy within legal bounds, yes many substances will make you feel happy but not worth it
Yeah - various things have happened over the past 4 years and I have become more withdrawn and less interested in anything. I've been searching for hobbies but everything I find is either meh or done that before. Even things I used to enjoy like flying I can't seem to get myself interested in again, although I have to say that flying light aircraft in NZ is way more appealing than flying them here. Hours in any direction and I'm still in Texas.

Heh - only substances I take are alcohol. And blood pressure medication. But not together.